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Men's Group

My person centred approach means I have a belief that we all have an ability to heal and find solutions to our problems. Sometimes, in our busy lives, we get lost, or stuck or unwell and need the support and guidance of a counsellor to help us  to find our way back, or discover who we were really meant to be.  


As a Person Centred Counsellor, like the name suggests, I put the person at the centre of deciding the direction we will take, and I empower people to find their own solutions and make their own decisions.  I will provide a nurturing, safe and judgement-free 

environment to enable you to clarify your thoughts and explore your feelings.


In popular culture therapists are often depicted like psychiatrists, asking intrusive questions like, "how was your childhood?", or "were you abused as a child?"  This is not the way I work.   You will decide what we talk about, or do not talk about and I will work at your pace that you feel compfortable, meeting you, where you are.

What next?

Should you be interested in booking a first session, or if you would like to know more, or discuss whether counselling is right for you, please contact me. 

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